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PAX13 – Foul Play Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – Foul Play Hands-On Preview

Perform big combos to please the crowd!

Perform big combos to please the crowd!

Foul Play is coming out very soon, and it should be on your radar. It’s a side-scrolling brawler with a super fun and easy to pick up combo system, a fully realized story, and just tons of character. The developers at Mediatonic have clearly been working hard to make this game play well and look great too. You are constantly being rewarded by keeping big combos going, and completing specific challenges which are frequently presented to you during the course of the game.

Split up into five main plays, all in vastly different environments, Foul Play is a diverse experience. But there’s a twist, you’re not actually in these different environments. The game takes place in a theatre, which is obvious in many ways. You can see the audience at the bottom of the screen, stagehands running on and off the set, and the set itself changing as if you are watching an actual play. It reminded me of a theatrical version of Castle Crashers.

The better you perform, the more rowdy the crowd gets. Performing big combos earns you more fame, which in turn helps you level up and unlock more combos and abilities. Completing the level specific challenges awards you with charms, which are various modifiers and buffs. Receiving a full five-star rating on each act unlocks more of the story, revealing the mystery behind why this play is being put on.

Foul Play 2

Everything gets even more fun with you’re playing with a buddy, either through local or online play. The game supports two players, which works really well as opposed to the madness of four players on screen. Using a simple one-button counter system, a la Batman: Arkham Asylum, you are able to toss the baddies back and forth with your buddy, or perform other fun moves. I was smiling the entire time Luke from Mediatonic was playing the demo with me. Can’t wait to fire it up with a friend in a few weeks. Foul Play releases September 18th, 2013 on Steam and XBLA.

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