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New Pokemon X and Y Gameplay Video – Dat Charizard


New Pokemon X and Y Gameplay Video – Dat Charizard

I’m worried about loving Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. As a child, I was really into Pokemon. I mean, really. The Pokefever hit me like a sack of bricks and I had almost every new product that came out. As such, I have a fond nostalgia for the series, but only for the original 150 pokemon. Regardless, I’m going to get Pokemon X and Pokemon Y because when the games were announced to be in 3D, it seemed to be a step closer in the direction I always wanted the series to go. I’m worried, however, because I feel I won’t love the new pokemon as much as the old. With this gameplay video that shows off the mega evolutions of the original starting pokemon, though, I can see I’ll at least have them. This must mean even more will  make their return, right? All I want is a team of Growlithes and Arcanines, okay? Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be releasing October 12th. You can preorder it here!

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