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New Dead Rising 3 Co-op & Psychopath Details


New Dead Rising 3 Co-op & Psychopath Details

Everybody, meet Dick; he will be our co-op partner for wiping out the undead later this year in Dead Rising 3. Fans of the series will be relieved to find out that co-op is indeed returning on this Xbox One exclusive, as stated by Capcom Unity’s own GregaMan in a recent post. Along with a bunch of new screens, Capcom has revealed some exciting details about the way co-op and game saves work.

When playing online with a buddy, you will be able to explore the entire map of Los Perdidos separately if you choose to do so. There is nothing binding either of you in the same area. But as incentive to stick together, as if simply smashing zombies alongside your BFF wasn’t enough, there will be a bunch of co-op centric vehicles for both of you to hop in.

I call the gun that shoots fireworks!

You can drive, I’ll shoot the fireworks turret.

The way the game saves is interesting too. Let’s say I’m playing on Chapter 3, and my friend drops into my game but has only completed Chapter 1 so far. No problem, we can still complete Chapter 3 together, and when my partner returns to their own single player game, they will continue right where they left off, and will even have the option to skip Chapter 3 since we already finished it together.

If this doesn't sell the game to you, just keep moving.

Beesst friiiends!

Psychopaths are also returning to the series; each boss will be based on one of the seven deadly sins. If you’re thinking that seven doesn’t sound like very many bosses, fret not. There will also be regular human bosses, so you’ll have plenty of non-zombies to battle. Capcom will be revealing more details about these crazies as November approaches.

This biker guy isn't a psychopath, but he is a jerk.

Not a psycho, just a jerk.

I personally cannot wait for Dead Rising 3 to hit on November 22nd. Now I just have to find another living soul that will be purchasing an Xbox One this Fall.

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