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Irrational Games “Lets Go of” 8 Employees


Irrational Games “Lets Go of” 8 Employees

Many people, fans and critics alike, believe that BioShock: Infinite is a strong contender for 2013’s game of the year (so far, it’s my GotY). Sadly, critical acclaim and fan loyalty aren’t enough to provide job security in the games industry during this economy, especially when studios are preparing to transition into the next-generation of consoles and games.

It’s been reported that the studio behind BioShock: Infinite, Irrational Games, which is owned by 2K Games, has recently laid off 8 of its employees. Although this will not impact the release of the Infinite DLC Burial at Sea, it’s no doubt a personal upheaval for the individuals involved.

Representatives at Irrational Games released the following statement:

In an effort to streamline our processes I am sad to confirm that we let go a total of 8 employees today. Any studio’s greatest asset is the group of people that make up the whole, and as such it was extremely hard to make this decision and there is never a good time for this to happen. As co-workers and friends, we wish them the very best.

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