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No Fable Anniversary Until 2014, Still a 360 Exclusive


No Fable Anniversary Until 2014, Still a 360 Exclusive


Lionhead has announced that Fable Anniversary won’t be launching holiday season of 2013 as originally announced. The announcement could come as either good news or bad news. Lead designer Ted Timmins explains the delay is a result of Lionhead wanting to deliver the best game possible to fans, saying “We feel though, that we need a little more time in order to meet our ambitions…”

Sad though it may be, this announcement doesn’t come without its own silver-lining. According to the post on the Lionhead Blog, the time between now and release will be ripe with goodies. Timmins promises screenshots, game footage, and “top secret announcements”. Oh, but before you get too excited, that top secret announcement likely has absolutely nothing to do with the Xbox One. This additional, dream crushing announcement came today on Twitter from producer Craig Oman who says there are zero plans for a One release. Recently announced Fable Legends, however, will be on the One.

Christmas may be ruined, but you can still look forward to a more-polished, HD Fable remake when Fable Anniversary releases in February of 2014.

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