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Eleusis and the Era of Indie Horror


Eleusis and the Era of Indie Horror

Since Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was released today, I thought it fitting to share another indie horror game I’m eagerly anticipating. At its core, Eleusis is a 3D first-person adventure game set in a seemingly abandoned village in Greece. It has all the familiar mechanics: clues scattered in an open-world environment, challenging item-based puzzles, an inventory. But what I’m excited about is how scary it looks.

The story-driven game features realistic physics, and based on the launch trailer, is visually stunning. There is an emphasis on exploration: you gather information and use items to solve puzzles, which are based on ancient Greek history, mythology, and technology. Let me just say, the thought of puzzles based in antiquity makes me stupidly excited. There are also survival-horror elements, such as using stealth tactics to avoid detection or wielding physics-based objects to defend yourself when stealth fails.

You play as a character who, following a car crash, takes refuge in the Greek countryside, only to find himself at the center of an unfolding mystery. This quiet village is in fact home to a cult whose members are performing an ancient ritual in the hopes of summoning a dark power. But when I put it like that, it sounds silly. Just watch the trailer.

Eleusis, developed by Nocturnal Works and published by Base Games, is scheduled for PC release this October. You can find a demo here.

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