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Dark Souls 2 Throws Down The Gauntlet At Eurogamer Expo


Dark Souls 2 Throws Down The Gauntlet At Eurogamer Expo

Namco Bandai and From Software clearly want to assure Dark Souls players that despite pledging for accessibility, Dark Souls 2 will not be an easy ride. The game’s appearance at the UK’s upcoming Eurogamer Expo will not just be a hands-on showing of the title, but a competition for who best can face the fearsome challenge of its boss battles.

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Entrants get 20 minutes to hunt down and kill the ‘Mirror Knight’ – we know nothing about him/her, but considering the bounty on this boss, it’s gotta be a toughie. The first person at the con to succeed in bringing down the bastard will get a free copy of the game, a signed PS3, a t-shirt, a poster and a pair of Turtle Beach PX22 cans. Runners-up from thereon will get a free t-shirt and a deflated sense of ‘almost…’ Such is the way of life in Lordran.

Also if you come down to the Dark Souls 2 booth just in time to see a short, long-haired blond putting his foot through the monitor in rage, that’s me and I’d greatly appreciate it if you kept that to yourself. Professionalism, etc. 

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