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AquaPazza Gets a Real Release Date


AquaPazza Gets a Real Release Date


Finally, I say. No more of this Holiday 2013 poppycock. The odd PS3 mash up of video game characters we’ve only seen through localized anime is coming out here in the west on November 19. If you are a very special kind of anime aficionado, you might recognize ToHeart‘s Serika Kurusugawa, but there are others pulled from Japanese game/anime/manga titles like Tears to Tiara, Utawarerumono, Comic Party, and White Album among others. For those less familiar with those names, well we don’t blame you. Visual novels are a rare breed in this part of the world and titles like these just flew under the radar for localizers.

At least we now get to play them in some form with AquaPazza, Aquaplus’ mashup fighting game. As a lover of all things crossover, I can’t wait to see how well this game translates with so many quirky characters from games we’ve never had the chance to know. You can check out the game’s trailer below to get you up to speed on what to expect:

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