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A History of Backlogs


A History of Backlogs

On this week’s episode of Caffeine Corner, Mona and Maie attempt the impossible: tackling the interminable gaming backlog. Since next-gen consoles are right around the corner (11/22 for Xbox One and 11/15 for PS4), they figured that they now had a finite amount of time to get through all the great games of this generation that they hadn’t played. However, as they gazed into the abyss of the gaming backlog, it threw a million games that they had totally forgotten about back at them. Xbox 360 and PS3 games were discussed and took up the bulk of the list, with games for portable systems being marginally backlog-y. Watch the video to see exactly what’s on our individual backlogs, and tell us about yours in comments for a chance to win a copy of Dead Space 3 for PC!

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