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Electronic Super Joy Review – Revenge For Your Butt!!


Electronic Super Joy Review – Revenge For Your Butt!!


In the Disco Wars of 1515

You lost an eye,

In the War of Rock n’ Roll,

You lost both legs,

Defeating DJ Deadly Skillz,

You lost your ENTIRE butt,

To an evil wizard,

This is the story of your quest

To get revenge for you BUTT…….

If this intro doesn’t get you riled up, then I don’t know what will.  Electronic Super Joy is a game that will help you get revenge for your butt (or that of your character, at least) by working through levels set to fantastic techno rave music. The levels are filled with flashing lights, colorful backdrops, and little peoples on your quest to find this evil wizard who has your buttocks!


Electronic Super Joy is developed and published by Michael Todd Games, and  is a piece of art. It contains 45 levels of platforming badassness to get back your butt.  Let’s talk about the levels. From the beginning of the game to the very end, each level is fun yet difficult. There were times where I would die twenty or thirty times in one spot.  You have to be very precise and know exactly where to navigate, and therein lies the biggest challenge of the game: precision. I’m not saying the game is unbeatable, because it is (after four hundred tries)! It feels great when you do succeed…until you end up in the same rut in the next level. Despite the difficulty spikes that make you feel like you want to smash your PC, Mac, Android, or whatever platform you’re playing it on in half, it still gives you a very satisfying feeling once you’ve conquered the level.

It’s almost like the Dark Souls of platformers; hardcore gamers would love Electronic Super Joy.


The music is the cherry on top of the sundae in this game. BOO-TY-FOOL. It’s a blend of Electronic/Techno rave music that adapts to your progress in the level. The further you advance into a level, the more intense the tempo gets, and the crazier the bass drops get. The game is a rave in its own right, and most of the time the music actually helps you pace your movement. If you focus on the music and its rhythm, it helps you get through the level much quicker.

One aspect that was interesting was the checkpoints. Every time you reach a checkpoint you’d hear a very sexual “ohhhh yahhhh” or someone moaning. It also alternates from male to female so you get the full package really. It’s pretty funny but limits where you can play the game (headphones recommended when you’re in public). I personally loved to play this game really loud because of the great music, but when I die over 40 times and hear 40 sexual “Ohhh Yahhs” I’m disturbed and annoyed by my failure. It all comes down to personal preference, but in the end the sound effects don’t affect the gameplay whatsoever.


The storyline is pretty comedic. You run into little people on your way through the game that tend to rattle off puns. Keep in mind, you’re playing a game to save your butt, so something this quirky was bound to happen.

If you’re looking for a game to keep you busy anywhere and everywhere, Electronic Super Joy is the way to go. It makes you sing, dance, laugh, enjoy it, as long as you don’t snap your MacBook in half.  It’s a game for everyone from hardcore to casual gamers, since it’s really easy to just pick up and play. Electronic Super Joy is available for Mac, PC, and Linux. It’s also coming soon to Android and Apple products. Hurry up and go save your butts!

Final Breakdown:

[+Great graphics, and level designs [+Excellent music, keeps you dancing and jamming out in each level] [+Funny story line] [-Pretty difficult, hard to pass each level] [-Awkward sexual noises]



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