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Uematsu’s Blik-O 1946 Now Available for Purchase


Uematsu’s Blik-O 1946 Now Available for Purchase


A while back we announced that Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame recently wrote a picture novel. The story, Blik-O 1946, is  about the emotional journey a robot goes through as it searches for the meaning of what it means to be human is just the sort of story that gets my brain always thinking (I’m very fascinated with concepts of AI and self-discovery).

The story is now available for iOS tablet devices with options to purchase on Amazon Kindle as well. However, the Kindle version does not include the accompanying soundtrack composed by Mr. Uematsu for his story.

Additionally, there is the option to purchase the soundtrack standalone as well.

A version of the story for the iPhone will release sometimes soon. The eBook and soundtrack will cost you $9.99.

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