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The Ultimate Sports Video Game + GIVEAWAY!


The Ultimate Sports Video Game + GIVEAWAY!

On this week’s episode of Caffeine Corner, Mona and I pit our favorite video game characters against one another in an EPIC GAME OF ICE HOCKEY. We each selected a lineup composed of characters we liked (spanning all game generations), and have presented them to you below:

Mona’s lineup: Mario – Booker DeWitt – Lara Croft, Agent 47 – Bowser, with Deadpool as goalie

Maie’s lineup: Ezio – Nathan Drake – Corvo Attano, Ellie – Kratos, Thomas (from Thomas Was Alone) as goalie

We also have something really special for you guys this week! We are giving away TEN different games to whoever comes up with their own lineup! It can be for whichever sport you like, just make sure to check out the details in the description of the YouTube video and leave your comment there! We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with; may the best team win!

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