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Senran Kagura Might Be Getting Localized? [Update]


Senran Kagura Might Be Getting Localized? [Update]


[Upadate: It has been confirmed that Senran Kagura Burst will be heading to Nintendo eShop this fall. Burst will include both the first and second game in the series and has been given a T rating by the ESRB.]

Marvelous Entertainment and Tamsoft’s ninja boob game, Senran Kagura, might be getting an XSEED Localization.

The game itself was well-received in Japan, but the publishing company was reluctant to localize the game due to the differences within the “conservative” Western culture. Not that I blame the company, just Google search the game and it’s basically a wall of breasts.

Thing seem to be changing as a website domain related to the game has recently been registered, and XSEED has tweeted some sort of teaser.

I for one would be appalled if such a game ever- Eh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably end up getting the game…Twice.

[Gematsu: XSEED Teasing Senran Kagura Localization?]

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