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Rise of the Triad Review – Ludicrous Gaming


Rise of the Triad Review – Ludicrous Gaming


The industry feels so congested these days with games that try harder to make a point than to be fun to play. However, rather than point at this and say they’re wrong, I’d note it’s not a bad thing to be serious and say something. It’s a good thing to, in fact. Games can be completely serious, completely ridiculous, or anywhere in between. That’s the beauty of video games: they can be anything. Meanwhile, Rise of the Triad, a reboot of the cult classic 90s FPS, falls firmly within the “completely ridiculous” category.

Acting as a nostalgia kick for those familiar with the mindless twitch shooters of the 90s, Rise of the Triad doesn’t stray from the formula. It’s as simple as choosing the character whose stats appeal to you most, jumping into the game, and shooting anything that moves. What intrigued me about the character selection are the very bare bones stats. Speed and endurance are what you’re looking for when you choose one. I found the actual speed the game plays at to is already lightning fast, so naturally I chose the character with the absolute lowest speed. Made absolutely no difference, the game’s still insanely fast. This can be a turn off depending on whether you prefer more mindless shooters over strategic ones. There’s a lot less strategy involved in Rise of the Triad’s gameplay. With maybe the Capture the Flag mode involving the most tactics.

The amount of weapons are vast and each, ridiculous. You’ll find an array of calamity makers: machine guns that shoot rockets, baseball bats that launch death balls, magical staves that fry your enemies, and many more. The “and more” is very welcome in a game like this that relies on the insanity and variety of the gameplay to be fun for the player. Oh, and the D.R.U.N.K Missile is the absolute bomb.


Thrown into the mix are power ups that add in a ludicrous level of mayhem. Like, “turn into a dog and bite people in the ass,” kind of ludicrous. You’ll see legs blow off, watch as angels reign terror from the skies, and hear the narrator constantly berating you. This sort of comedy is supplemented by Interceptor’s in-game jokes being tossed all over their baby. I lost count of how many times the announcer of the game basically told me to stop playing because I was awful. The words “You suck,” haunts my dreams. It has personality, to say the least.

The single player mode? It’s hard as hell and you shouldn’t get Rise of the Triad for that. It’s clear the multiplayer is where Interceptor spent the majority of their focus on and the primary bread and butter of a game that’s meant to evoke the multiplayer shooters of the past.

Should you buy it? If you were a fan of the original, if you love twitch first-person shooters that rely on quick thinking and equally quick fingers, or if you love games with a potty mouth and a sense of humor. It’s definitely polished, despite the trouble I had finding a server at times. For me, I’m not a FPS kind of gal. The game moves far too fast for my tastes. I get a bit impatient and petty when I die 10 times in under five seconds. Despite that, though, I’m aware about what makes it a good game. You can jump in and immediately play. You don’t have to sit through a story or tutorial, simply let your instincts take over and shoot the enemies with weapons that feel good to shoot.  For what it is, it’s a shitload of fun. It’s fast, it’s crazy, it’s a resurgence of the 90s.

[Final Breakdown]

[+Polished gameplay] [+Weapons are creative and insane] [+Levels are unique] [+Large variety of weapons] [+Different characters to shoot your playstyle] [+Has quite a personality] [-Frequent server issues] [-Hyperspeed gameplay can be a clusterf**k of death often]

Very Good


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