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Pokémon X and Y Trailer Mega Shows Off “Mega Evolution” in Mega Action


Pokémon X and Y Trailer Mega Shows Off “Mega Evolution” in Mega Action

As confirmation of yesterday’s news of “Mega Evolution” in the upcoming Pokémon X and Y games, Nintendo released a trailer today showcasing the new feature in action. According to the video, it looks like these special forms are only temporary for use in battle, so long as you have something called a Mega Stone. On October 12th, there will be a digital distribution of a Torchic holding a Mega Stone, which will in turn allow you to try out its new fully evolved form, MegaBlaziken. This will also be the only means of obtaining a Mega Stone for now.

It is still unknown however, how long these effects last, what they specifically do to the Pokémon’s stats other than the already visible cosmetic changes, and how many other Pokémon will have “Mega” forms. As a temporary sort of trump card for battle, this is definitely going to make the battlefield very interesting, so long as there is an effective way of balancing it all.

Additionally, the video also shows several new Pokémon and the Shalour City Gym Leader Korrina in action, although it’s difficult to tell just what type she will specialize in, at the moment.

You can look forward to Pokémon X and Y being released worldwide on October 12th, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS!

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