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Persona 4 Arena Update Adds Junpei and Yukari


Persona 4 Arena Update Adds Junpei and Yukari


Famitsu confirmed today that an updated version of the Atlus franchise fighting game spinoff, Persona 4 Arena, is ready to be tested. Location tests will begin in Japan this weekend.

Along with an updated “user interface” (vis EventHubs) are two new playable characters, Junpei and Yukari from Persona 3. Both of them look older as a result of the timeskip with Junpei wielding a baseball bat and Yukari sporting some sort of Super Hero-esque costume and a bow. There also reports of shadow versions of each characters although details are sparse at the moment as to what exactly they are.

Now they just need to include Adachi as DLC and I’ll be happy.

Check below for a few blurry images.


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