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PAX13 – Killing Floor: Calamity Preview


PAX13 – Killing Floor: Calamity Preview


Fans of the original Killing Floor (and who also happen to own an OUYA) are in for a treat with Killing Floor: Calamity. The experiment-turned-title is reminiscent of the original killing floor in most ways; you and some friends team up to fight off increasingly difficult waves of zombies, and you can revive and purchase new weapons and gear at the end of every round. There are a number of playable classes to choose from. However, the differences really set the game apart.

The game –apparently spawned when two developers asked their boss “give us your Killing Floor assets and we’ll build something cool”– is now a top-down shooter. After playing the game in this format, it seems like this was the way it was meant-to-be. I’m going to be completely honest- I actually think it works better than the original.

The game is currently planned to be completely couch co-op (no current plans for online play), although a player can fight alone as well. The players are on the same screen, with no split-screen. In my mind I imagined scenarios where one player would get stuck against the edge of the screen because their partner was too far away, but honestly I only encountered that once in my hands-on demo. Characters level-up after rounds, and at a certain level, will begin with a better weapon automatically (you’ll need it). As they level up, they will unlock the ability to purchase even better weapons. This change from the original is designed to increase early accessibility, rather than overwhelming new players with too many options.


Each class has a new unique ability, some of which affect all players, that effectively lets each class act as a form of support. One class gives everyone a temporary speed boost, one class drops an automatic turret, and one class bestows increased damage and money drops for all players.

The release price and date are currently undecided, and the game will initially launch exclusively for the OUYA. Although some may find this unfortunate, I am pleased with their choice to support the new console with an exclusive title. They say anything can happen down the line, which I took to mean that it might eventually be released for other consoles.

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