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PAX13 – XCOM Enemy Within Hands-Off Preview


PAX13 – XCOM Enemy Within Hands-Off Preview


We LOVED the original XCOM Enemy Unknown, so when I found out that the expansion, XCOM Enemy Within, was going to be at PAX, I knew I had to drop by their booth. I had high hopes, and sure enough the hands-off demo I saw made my trip worth it. The demo took place on a new map location, on top of a hydroelectric dam, and immediately looked better than any map in the original game. It started with two rookie XCOM operatives getting off the Skyranger and dying within seconds, as their ilk is wont to do.

From that point on, we were shown the new units and their abilities. The first was a Mechtrooper with a giant railgun, who could use the “Collateral Damage” ability to destroy cover. He also had a “Kinetic Strike”, which for all intents and purposes was the rocket punch from Pacific Rim (which is you haven’t seen, go see RIGHT THE HELL NOW). The other two operatives were gene mod soldiers. One was a sniper who could Superman-jump onto high up perches. The second had the neural feedback perk which protects him from mind control and instead causes the attacker’s head to god damn explode.

I enjoyed my Twinfinite based play-through and can’t wait to jump back into this universe with both feet. The XCOM Enemy Within expansion releases on all major consoles September 12th.

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