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PAX13- Resogun Takes Shmups to a New Dimension


PAX13- Resogun Takes Shmups to a New Dimension


Twinstick 3D shoot ’em up Resogun is a sidescrolling barrage of bullets, in the absolutely best way. The game is Housemarque spiritual successor to their PS3 title Super Stardust. Resogun follows the typical format of most shoot ’em up games; you pilot a lone ship, tasked with firing deadly neon laser-bullets upon oncoming waves of enemy ships. However Resogun breaks away from the herd and abandons the typically flat environment of most shmups. Instead, players traverse a ring shaped level, much like a side-scrolling take at Super Stardust‘s gameplay mechanic. The ring shaped levels open up gameplay and add a hidden level of freedom to the traditional linear shoot ’em up style. Intimidated by that flying-V of enemies charging toward you? Just fly around the ring and take them from behind.

While the size of the levels played are smaller than typical ‘open world’ shoot ’em ups, this mechanic, combined with a wide variety of enemies keeps things interesting. At the start of each level, players start with three lives and a few special abilities. The first is a limited amount of bombs which instantly fire a burst of energy, predictably wiping away every enemy in close proximity. The second special ability is this insanely badass laser, useful for flooding the screen in explosions and clearing away large hoards of enemies. While bomb is use limited to two per level, the laser is controlled by a charge meter filled by firing the ship’s normal weapon.

Resogun will be available on PSN on PS4 launch day November 15th. Playstation Plus members will be able to get the game for free on launch day too, so there’s really no reason to pass this one by.

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