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PAX13 – Playable Demo of Indie RPG Always Sometimes Mosters


PAX13 – Playable Demo of Indie RPG Always Sometimes Mosters

There are a whole host of reasons I wish I was at PAX Prime this year, not the least of which is the prospect of twerking with some of my fellow Twinfinknights. But one thing I’m really disappointed about missing is the playable demo of the indie RPG Almost Sometimes Monsters, developed by Vagabond Dog and published by Devolver Digital. In it, players assume the role of someone “out of money and out of luck…on the verge of collapse.” It almost sounds like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Set to release on PC in 2014, you play as a character who’s been evicted, and whose beloved is engaged to another person. On top of that, you have a serious case of writer’s block. What’s cool is that you can make your character whatever gender, race, and sexual orientation you choose. In theory, this means that the NPCs you encounter, and the overall narrative of the game, change based on your character creation. The game hopes to explore the idea of what it means to be human in the 21st century, the lengths a person will go for happiness. Your decisions are complicated, and always have personal ramifications.

And Always Sometimes Monsters is not afraid to delve into some dark territory. It is, after all, a game about ethics and morality. You can pre-order now for $9.99. I urge my fellow writers and editors at Twinfinite to check it out at booth 871 at PAX Prime ’13!

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