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PAX13 – Earth Defense Force 2025 Preview


PAX13 – Earth Defense Force 2025 Preview


I don’t like bugs. I especially don’t like swarms of bugs. So then I played Earth Defense Force 2025, a game in which I’m supposed to kill swarms of giant bugs. I was terrified yet thrilled with my ability to blow up giant ants with a rocket launcher.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is the 4th in the cult Earth Defense Force series in which human soldiers face off against giant bugs from outer space. The hallmarks of the series include giant bugs, and ridiculous fun, both of which are very much present in the upcoming installment. The game, I’m told, is the biggest one yet featuring more weapons, classes, and levels.


The game started off fairly standard. I’m placed smack-dab in the middle of a giant bug invasion and I was told to just start blasting. Which I did. Switching between the rocket launcher and the machine gun I did a fairly good job of mowing down a large amount of ants. That is until one completely blindsided me and tore me (very graphically) apart with its mighty mandibles. I then proceeded to gag from my fear of bugs.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is every bit of fun as its cult status denotes and more. From a purely gameplay perspective you simply blow up large things and there’s something cathartic about it for someone afraid of bugs, until you die in which case it reinforces your fear of anything creepy-crawly.

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