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PAX13 – Contrast PS4 Demo


PAX13 – Contrast PS4 Demo


Contrast is a game set in the turn of the previous century. Electricity is the marvel of the modern world and Vaudevillian performers take advantage of its ability to mystify and dazzle. Contrast is a puzzle platformer that puts you into the shoes of a skilled acrobat with the ability to traverse between the physical and shadow world, and presents the whole thing to you with the flair of an old theatrical show.

First off, I loved the art style. The old steampunk-y, carnival-inspired aesthetics with a dash of noir elements made me one happy camper. I started by finding my way out of an enclosed alleyway by traveling into the shadows of the wall and making my way up to the open balcony. Afterwards, it was my job to collect pieces of light so I could manipulate the area around me, one such area being the local cabaret.

I was to light the stage for the shadow performer and once I did, the sultry songstress lit up the stage. It was a great way to demonstrate the sort of feeling the game was going for. A sexy, mature sort of puzzle game with an emphasis on the mystery of it all. I really dig the game’s overall visual style.


Contrast will be available at launch for the PS4 and looks to be a must-own title for those of you into the more seductive side of gaming.

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