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PAX13 – Betrayer Hands-On Preview


PAX13 – Betrayer Hands-On Preview

These are called Shades. No relation to a pair of bitchin' sunglasses.

These are called Shades. No relation to a pair of bitchin’ sunglasses.

If you’re in the mood for some monochromatic spookiness, look no further than Betrayer. Created by some of the former developers of games like F.E.A.R. and Condemned, Betrayer seems to follow in the same vein of being downright creepy, and it’s awesome.

Since Betrayer‘s release on Steam Early Access, the developers at Blackpowder Games have been constantly adding tweaks to improve the game’s experience based on consumer feedback. While the game is intended to be played in all black and white, except for a bright colored red accent which appears on various objects and enemies similar to Mirror’s Edge, the developers have implemented an option to fiddle with the brightness, contrast, and saturation to offer the option of restoring color to the world if you’d like. Still, I preferred to explore in black and white, as the developers intended.

As for the game’s premise, you are essentially someone in the 1600s who is en route to the New World until your ship is attacked and you are left stranded on a mysterious island. Searching for your family, you seemingly have no clues to go on other than some notes that appear from a mysterious person and by speaking to spirits. Around the island, you will encounter hostile enemies that you must defeat armed with weapons ranging from a knife to a bow and arrow to a firearm to a tomahawk. It may not sound like anything completely out of the ordinary just yet, but its largely in thanks to the game’s minute mechanics that turns Betrayer into one wonderfully spooky and immersive package. The various tweaks to the gameplay may be new, even to those who have a Steam Early Access copy of the game.

Now that's a complexion to die for.

Now that’s a complexion to die for.

The environments are by far the prettiest aspect of the game. Even in high-contrast black and white, the landscapes look stellar and lush thanks to excellent use of wind physics, making the trees and grass sway in the breeze. Together with the realistic movement and action mechanics, it’s easy to become immersed in its otherwise bizarre setting.

As a work still in progress, Betrayer is looking like a fantastic mystery-horror game that you can look forward to playing soon enough. We’ll keep you updated as more details roll in about a release date and price.

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