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NHL 14 Debuts Trailer for New Live the Life Mode


NHL 14 Debuts Trailer for New Live the Life Mode

As we near just a month away from NHL 14’s release, EA Sports has released a new trailer detailing some of the gameplay for the next evolution to their Be a Pro career mode, called Live the Life Mode.

In this mode, you’ll handle a lot more than just your time on the ice, as you’ll be dealing with interviews among NHL front offices, press interviews, off-ice events, and interactions with teammates. As you climb the ladder of NHL stardom, you’ll have to make sure you balance your life wisely, as your team, fans, management, and family are all watching.

In one event off-ice detailed in the trailer, you’re shoved out of a restaurant, falling on your wrist and losing 15 from your wrist shot accuracy and power ratings. It seems these interactions will be mandatory, meaning there won’t be any skating by (like that one?) tough decisions or wholly avoiding interactions. You better hope the RNG is on your side and do your best to stay out of trouble if you want to succeed.

In all, if I could compare this to any mode in any other game, it seems to have a bit of a spiritual similarity to NBA 2K’s myCareer mode, where players handle more than simply playing the games. In NHL 14’s Live the Life Mode, however, there can be real consequences for your actions as your teammates/fans/organization/family relationships seem to genuinely affect your always-evolving status in the game, no matter how well (or poorly) you’re doing on the ice.

This is looking to be a solid evolution to the career mode for the NHL series. It will hopefully add some RPG elements to a playthrough, which I’ve really enjoyed in recent sports games, but we won’t know until we’ve got our hands on it. Until then, you can check out more details on the game mode on the official NHL 14 blog post.

NHL 14 hits shelves for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 10th in North America, and September 13th worldwide.

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