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New Pocket Monsters: The Origin Anime Announced


New Pocket Monsters: The Origin Anime Announced

A new anime based on the original Pokemon Red/Blue games appropriately titled Pocket Monsters: The Origin was announced last week at a Pokemon event in Japan.

The new tv special features a wholly new original protagonist rather than traditional Ash Ketchum. Well, how should I put this. The main character is the player character in the Pokemon games originally named Red (while his rival Green was adapted into Gary Motherfuckin Oak). A long running manga actually utilizes Red and Green as protagonists in its story and these two are in fact the original version of the characters from the game which Pocket Monsters: The Origin will be faithful to. So while you’ll probably see familiar faces, don’t expect them to be the same characters as the ones from the long running cartoon adaptation. Trust me, I spent a lot of my childhood reading those original manga in a dusty comic store in Korea.

The trailer shows off glimpses of battles, characters, and whole nostalgia for “everyone that played red and blue” as the trailer opens with.

Me? I’m super excited as this is basically the adaptation I’ve been waiting for since I was second grader. The special airing October 2nd in Japan can’t come soon enough.

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