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Mother 4 Fan-Made Game In The Works (Squee!)


Mother 4 Fan-Made Game In The Works (Squee!)


One of the best RPG’s –nay– video games ever made is seeing a continuation, but not by the hands of famed copywirter/ Mother creator Shigesato Itoi. This is directly fan-made and it looks simply amazing. Everything you have come to know about the Mother and its sequels;  it’s sounds, themes, and humor appears to be prevalent in the trailer, which was released today. Everything from the slightly spooky music to the art and battle system have been replicated, but upgraded

Shigesato Itoi has mentioned in the past that making a new title in the beloved Mother series would be –at least for him– “impossible.” While I understand it’s a lot to live up to and I am one for leaving something end on a high note, I will pay any amount of money to see the fourth installment come to fruition. You can visit the offical website of Mother 4 and look at what has been accomplished so far, such as screenshots, the soundtrack, characters, and other bits which just looks so great. Mother 4 is listed as releasing ‘Winter 2014’, so in the meantime, you can experience the biggest game of the franchise Earthbound (Mother 2) on the Wii U Virtual Console, or, you know, freeze yourself.

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