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Moogles Make Their Big Comeback in Lightning Returns


Moogles Make Their Big Comeback in Lightning Returns

When Final Fantasy is mentioned, one of the first things that may come to mind is a chocobo, which is basically like a giant mountable chicken. Fans of the franchise may also think of moogles, a race of small, adorable creatures with pom-poms atop their heads with the catchphrase “kupo.” While these creatures have been present in every way, shape, or form in nearly every Final Fantasy title, they seldom play a role in the plot other than Final Fantasy VI and IX on the SNES and PS1, respectively. The latest trailer shown at Gamescom 2013 for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII shows them making their own return in a big way.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 did feature one moogle who played a major role, but it’s been a while since the series has shown many of them together. The trailer showcases the next continent that Lightning will venture to called the Wildlands. Here, the last home of the moogles, now a small village, has been under attack by forest creatures. Similarly, Lightning also stumbles upon an injured white chocobo seemingly left for dead in the middle of a plain, although the dialogue hints at the notion that there is more to this chocobo than it seems.

Is it too late to re-title the game Afros Return? That would be awesome.

Is it too late to re-title the game Afros Return? That would be awesome.

Sazh Katzroy also makes his official appearance in Lightning Returns. Since the first XIII game, Sazh has been a fan favorite for being one of the best-written and most sympathetic characters out of the game’s cast. This time, hopefully, he’ll get some more deserved screen time. In LR:FFXIII, his son Dajh has been in a comatose state as a result of XIII-2‘s events, putting more on Lightning’s plate as she sets out to help more of her previous comrades and the rest of the world.

The Wildlands is looking like a vast and open locale, with various subplots to uncover, which will likely give more of the freedom that some fans were really hoping for in previous titles. Longtime fans of the XIII games however, are sure to find a lot more to love when Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII hits North American shelves on February 11th, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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