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Microsoft Rubs Unavailable Xbox One In Our Faces


Microsoft Rubs Unavailable Xbox One In Our Faces


It’s safe to say the attention surrounding the Xbox One has been nothing short of tentative, but Microsoft recently unveiled a pretty sweet looking white Xbone. With it’s great glossy white polish and a matching controller, it would be a perfect alternative to the contrasting machine shipping this November and would give people a choice; the only thing you can achieve nowadays by angry posts and petitions. The only catch is you have to be working for the big man himself.

The ’employee exclusive’ comes with everything including a 1-year membership for Xbox Live, all first party games, a special achievement, and get this: it’s all free. Troll Larry Hyrb mentioned on Reddit that the glamorous box could be seen in retail stores “Maybe in the waaaay future,” but something tells me I couldn’t get it with all the perks for absolutely no money. Thanks, Microsoft.


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