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Mario & Luigi Costumes For Wii U’s Rayman Legends


Mario & Luigi Costumes For Wii U’s Rayman Legends

With Nintendo’s past of sticking their first party IPs into third party games for their systems, it should come as no surprise that a trailer announcing Mario and Luigi costumes for the Wii U’s Rayman Legends has surfaced. Rayman Origins was literally my jam, so I can’t frigging wait for Legends. If you ask me, though, I’ll be getting it on my PS3 or PC. You know, not the console I don’t own, obviously. But I think the costumes are a cute addition for whoever is planning on getting Rayman Legends for the Wii U. When I first read the news, I thought they had actual Mario and Luigi models for the Wii U version. Now that would be “exclamation point in the title of this post,” material.

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