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Killer Instinct’s Chief Thunder Shown In (Near) Full Glory


Killer Instinct’s Chief Thunder Shown In (Near) Full Glory


Ever since the original was released almost twenty years ago, there has been no shortage of hype for fans of the classic fighter Killer Instinct. When a reboot of the popular franchise was first revealed at E3 this year, we were treated to some video time of Jago, Sabrewulf, and Glacius, but now Double Helix games has shown off one more character in the free-to-play fighter’s roster.

In the video, (posted over at IGN) Chief Thunder looks to have been reworked almost completely as he doesn’t really show any similarities to the charge-combo character he used to be. Now an up close and personal grappler with mid-cancels and all other kinds of fancy fighting jargon, the developers have made sure that Thunder is an intimidating character online and off.

So with all this excitement building for the game’s Xbox One exclusive release in November, who would you like to see next? I’m personally betting on a teaser for Orchid at this year’s GamesCom, but most of that is probably due to nostalgia and bias since she was the only character I could pull ultimate combos with. . . Let us know!

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