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John Carmack is Oculus Rift’s Chief Tech Officer


John Carmack is Oculus Rift’s Chief Tech Officer

John Carmack
Today John Carmack announced that he was going to become the CTO of the interesting new Occulus Rift headset technology. This is a major grab for the upstart company as Carmack has gone on record that he will be prioritizing this position over his other 2 jobs at Id Software and Armadillo Aerospace. John built up PC gaming in the 1990s with his hits Doom, Quake and Commander Keen. He is renowned for his ability to bring out the best in technology and I can only imagine what he can do with the Occulus Rift.

Most importantly is the fact that John has been championing a headset device for quite a while now and it feels like a perfect fit for the Texas based creator. With the Occulus team setting up in Dallas, this will be a manageable position for John and I for one can’t wait to see what comes out of this new partnership. If you were a bit hesitant on what the Occulus Rift was, this should get your attention.

John Carmack Joins Occulus VR as CTO [via Gamasutra]

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