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Guns N Zombies Preview – Exactly What You’d Expect


Guns N Zombies Preview – Exactly What You’d Expect


Ah, zombie games. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of mowing down hordes upon hordes of the faceless undead with an assortment of different weapons. Krealit hopes to deliver that zombie-killing rush with their latest Kickstarter venture, Guns N Zombies.

The premise of Guns N Zombies is very simple: kill the zombies and take the objectives. The third-person, top-down format allows the player to see the chaos unfold from all angles. Your adventure begins at the character selection screen which, for the purposes of the preview, was limited to one character. From there, you can choose your load out based on what upgrades and weapons you have unlocked.

The first thing you see when you start the first level in Guns N Zombies is, inevitably, a bunch of zombies. The sheer speed with which they run at you at the very beginning is a bit overwhelming, but becomes manageable as you learn to kite the zombies around the map. One of the bigger issues with the demo was the way that the zombies were introduced. The first level, which consisted of gunning down 3 waves of zombies on a hotel rooftop, was simple and there were really only two types of zombies present. The second level knocks the difficulty up by introducing a slew of different zombies that you have to fight. It would have definitely been helpful for there to have been some kind of explanation for each type of zombie and their distinctive abilities so that the player could more easily strategize which enemies to take care of first and which to run from.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, everything is relatively intuitive, with a play style somewhat similar to Boxhead. But all of this begs the question, how fun is it? Guns N Zombies has a lot of potential. Though it’s a simple game with simple goals, the preview was enjoyable and the different types of zombies add new challenges throughout the levels. If running and gunning down zombies while scavenging for food sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can check out the Guns N Zombies Kickstarter page here.

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