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Emotions in Video Games


Emotions in Video Games

This week, we look to Call of Duty Dog as a truly innovative way to incorporate an emotional experience in games. We also (more seriously) discuss the heart-wrenching trauma that is The Last of Us, cry over The Walking Dead, and ruminate on the musical genius found in Assassin’s Creed 2. Despite Far Cry 3 being utterly devoid of any actual emotion, Ubisoft does pretty well overall in creating emotional, engaging experiences for players. They’re in good company, joined by the likes of Naughty Dog, Telltale Games, and Sony Santa Monica. Mona goes in-depth about her Tomb Raider experience and discusses just how young Lara Croft is the perfect relatable protagonist, while wondering why exactly Booker DeWitt had to go and do a thing. In the end, the one deciding factor in just how moving a game was turned out to be the musical score; used to proper effect, a good soundtrack could mean the difference between playing and experiencing a game. Sound off in the comments about what the most emotional game you played was, and let us know why! Was it the character’s actions, their facial animations, the music, the setting, or something totally different?

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