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EA Charity Humble Bundle Raises over $10.5 million


EA Charity Humble Bundle Raises over $10.5 million

EA made Humble Bundle history last night, raising over $10.5 million dollars and shattering the Humble Bundle 5’s previous record of $5 million. Over 2 million bundles were sold, and nearly all of the proceeds (roughly $8.5 million) went to various charities, including The American Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, The Human Rights Campaign (which advocates for equal rights on behalf of the LGBTQ community), and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Yep, you read that right: EA, the “most-hated company in America” according to neckbeards on Reddit, has donated a record-breaking amount of money to charity.

The “Humble Origin Bundle” offered seven Origin titles, worth a total of $215, and featured such hits as Mirror’s EdgeDead Space, and Medal of Honor. Working off a “pay what you want” scheme, purchasers were able to choose how their money was split between the charities (and if they wanted to leave an optional tip for the fine people at Humble Bundle Inc.), and paid on average $4.74 for 7 games. Sure, the cynical among us might say this is a brilliant PR move, and proof that EA is trying to improve their image. But why be a dick, there are 8.5 million good reasons to rethink our stance on EA.


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