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Deep Silver’s Humble Bundle is live!


Deep Silver’s Humble Bundle is live!


Saints Row IV is just around the corner, so there’s no better time than now to set the stage by catching up on the last two entries of the series in the current Humble Bundle. As well as the two pimp-walking, OTT sandbox shooters you can also be picking up Risen 2 and Sacred 2 for the lowest tier price of $1.

Stretching your budget a little and breaking the average donation will nab you the ‘Ultimate’ edition of Saints Row The Third, along with the original Dead Island (complete with DLC).

‘Eh’, I hear you say – I agree. Well, go upwards to $25 and you’ll be having a copy of Dead Island: Riptide, which despite being rather similar to the first, I actually found to be a corker of a game. All purchases come with the soundtracks to the games included, not a bad incentive in the case of Saints Row The Third (I need a hero!).

Anyway, hop over to, give some money  to the Red Cross, have some sweet games in return. You’ve got until the 13th of August!

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