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Deep Down is an Online Only Multiplayer RPG


Deep Down is an Online Only Multiplayer RPG

“Online only” doesn’t really mean the same thing as it used to. Now that technology is more sophisticated, this term could mean a range of things dealing with the more common MMORPG or seamless drop-in online, or something else entirely. Still, Capcom’s Deep Down now has a new teaser trailer to continue having you ask questions about it.

The game, which will be shown off at TGS, is a new RPG from Capcom for the PS4 (for now). No word yet on whether it is even an exclusive, but as of now, the title is firmly and solely associated with Sony’s next-gen console.

The teaser itself doesn’t have a lot of info going on for it, but it’s certainly interesting. You can also check out the teaser site that opened up.

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