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Best Fallout Fan-Film Since Nuka Break


Best Fallout Fan-Film Since Nuka Break

Wanna see the best Fallout-based fan-film since Wayside CreationsNuka Break and its subsequent web series? You know you do. Well, look no further than Encryption Films and Dracogen Inc.’s Fallout: Lanius. Incredibly faithful, and beautifully shot, Fallout: Lanius is what every fan-film aspires to be: accurate, entertaining, and original. It takes its context from an existing intellectual property (in this case, Fallout), but creates a unique story that builds off of a preexisting framework.

Although I’m not entirely comfortable with some of the more female-objectifying scenes (scantily-clad “modern-primative” lady-dancers, for instance), I’m so impressed with the overall production value that I’m almost willing to forgive this. And while it lacks Nuka Break’s tongue-in-cheek, Fallout-y humor, it’s still a carefully constructed portrayal of life in the New Vegas Mojave Wasteland.

Fallout: Lanius raised around $19,000 in a crowd funded campaign, and it shows. What do you think, is this an accurate depiction of life as a legate in Fallout: New Vegas?

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