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Awesomenauts Expansion Kickstarter Funded


Awesomenauts Expansion Kickstarter Funded


Last week, Ronimo Games set up a Kickstarter page to expand upon their wildy fun (and pretty damn successful) downloadable game Awesomenauts. The developers asked backers for $125,000.00 to meet their demands and it paid off. Not even a full week in, the goal was met and development team is working on Starstorm which will provide all new content such as three new characters, a spectator mode, global chat, and twin stick support.

With such a great turn out for game, the developers have started their own crowdfunding page so that way people who are interested in funding the game have a chance to, which will bring even more new content. Things like new maps, a replay system, and even full Steamworks integration including modding support have been talked about and would greatly open up opportunities with the continued hold of more backers.

It’s always great to see a good game with good people behind it be able to achieve what they want.

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