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Tales of Xillia 2 Heading West As Well


Tales of Xillia 2 Heading West As Well


With the most successful entry into the Tales of franchise still yet to reach Western shores, its sequel has just been announced for localization! Tales of Xillia 2 will follow its predecessor a year later as a PS3 exclusive in 2014.

The game has been summarized via a press release as follows:

Tales of Xillia 2 focuses on the events a year after the climactic end of Tales of Xillia. Players assume the role of Ludger Kresnik, a young man with a zest for cooking who lives with his older brother and cat, Rollo. On his way to his first day at work for a local cafeteria he runs into a young girl named Elle Marta and the two soon become involved in an accident that will change both of their lives forever.

Choice is also described as the theme for the entry with players having to face it and its consequences in the story and battle alike. I’m sure we’ll have a better understanding of the new title once Tales of Xillia hits shelves August 6th in North America, 9th in Europe.

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