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Runescape 3 Release Date Announced


Runescape 3 Release Date Announced


If you’re the type of person who plays a lot of different MMOs, chances are, you’ve played Runescape. There’s also a fair chance you haven’t played it in years. After all, the whole java-based, point-and-click thing was entertaining circa 2007– not so much anymore. Jagex is hoping to thrust Runescape into the modern MMO world with Runescape 3. It was announced earlier today that Runescape 3 is set to release on July 22nd.

With this update, Jagex is dropping Java in favor of the more modern HTML 5. This means that the game will require no more plug-ins and will be able to offer more advanced graphics and superior audio quality. Jagex promises that Runescape 3 will grant players more power in shaping the fictional world of Gielinor and that world events such as the Battle for Lumbridge will create a more united community.

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