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RTX – An Interview With Divekick’s Adam Heart


RTX – An Interview With Divekick’s Adam Heart

One of the games I had to get my hands on at RTX was Divekick. Sure there were bigger names at the show, but none quite as interesting as this one. How many games out there are made today off of two buttons? Not many. This simple idea seemed brilliant to me, and when I asked Adam Heart (known to many amongst the fighting game community as “Keits”) about why he approached this simplicity, he brushed me off sternly. He didn’t want the first impression to be about how simple it was, that’s not how he designed the game. Adam Heart didn’t set out to make a simple game; he set out to make a fun one.

Before I even stood in front of this giant controller with two massive blue and yellow buttons to fight, I could see what he meant from the thick crowd always surrounding his booth. Everybody was having fun. I like to break down games a bit (because often times I have to) but when I finished my match with my first opponent, I saw him walk right back to the end of the line to play another set. I could go into the pros and cons of my playthrough of Divekick, but what I saw walking back and forth past the booth at RTX all weekend were smiles on the faces of people diving and kicking. You’ll never really know what Divekick is like until you get your hands on it. It is the craziest fighter I’ve ever had the experience of playing.

You can find out more about Divekick from their Steam Greenlight page and be sure to check out the EVO streams at 9PM PST on July 13th to see the elites of the fighting game community take each other down in a special Divekick Tournament.

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