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Rockstar Releases Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video


Rockstar Releases Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video

Yesterday evening, Rockstar tweeted about releasing a Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer in the morning. They definitely delivered.

The beginning of the video focuses on the revamping of the open world in Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar promises that you’ll be able to explore several southern California landscapes, ranging from the city to the wilderness. Three main characters are later introduced: Michael (the family man), Franklin (the street hustler), and Trevor — who wasn’t really described, but was shown trying to flush body parts down the toilet.  You’re given the ability to switch between characters on-the-fly and at several key points during missions. The swaps look fluid in the video and oftentimes you’ll find yourself switching into a police chase or some kind of altercation.

Aside from the usual Grand Theft Auto missions, Grand Theft Auto V features all kinds of side missions and activities from things like golf to deep-sea diving. Customization is also emphasized. Tattoos, cars, houses, and even stock bonds will grant you a new kind of power over all of the characters and will let you tailor their lives how you see fit.

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