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New Strider Announced, Looks All Fancy


New Strider Announced, Looks All Fancy

Capcom released an announcemeent trailer for the new Strider, aptly named Strider. I suppose 14 years since the last one is enough time to warrant calling the sequel the same name as the first one. Heroes never die. In any case, it looks to contain the same high-octane platforming action from the series’ roots as well as the same main designers from the originals. Double Helix (Silent Hill Homecoming and the future Killer Instinct) is working in conjunction with Capcom to bring Strider out “early 2014,” the trailer suggests.

I have both of the originals and despite loathing their difficulty levels (I want to say, “Please lower the difficulty,” but I also don’t), I adore Strider. His last name is Hiryu, guys. He wears a really long scarf sometimes, or he’ll look like a lion tamer others. It depends on his mood. He’s just fabulous.

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