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Microsoft Indie Certification Process to Receive Overhaul


Microsoft Indie Certification Process to Receive Overhaul


If there’s one thing Microsoft is infamous for, it’s the grueling process of certification that indie developers have to overcome in order to release a game on the Xbox Live Arcade. Recently, with the advent of the console war and the constant comparisons between Sony and Microsoft, the indie game policy has been further scrutinized by gamers and press alike. Sources say that Microsoft is completely overhauling their indie development policies very soon and will grant developers more power over their content in the forms of pricing and release times. They are also going to streamline the approval process, hoping to grant approvals in as little as 14 days.

What does this mean for us then? Well, hopefully that the indie developers that were shying away from Microsoft consoles will reconsider. After all, the indie game market can only help bolster Microsoft’s reputation among skeptical players and bring great games to a greater audience.

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