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Heroes Week – Whose Hero is it Anyways?


Heroes Week – Whose Hero is it Anyways?

Between hugely popular, blockbuster-movie type superheroes such as Iron Man and Thor, pop culture has made it pretty clear what the masses define as a “superhero”. However, here we decide to discuss the concept of heroes in gaming, some not-so-heroic heroes, all tempered by a touch of narcissistic self-heroism.

I guess it was intended to be more empowering than self-glorifying, but come on, when has Tony Stark ever given someone a compliment? It’s that particular, well, “personality quirk” where self confidence just crosses over into obnoxiously narcissistic (I know. Real fine line) that can wind up being totally empowering. Now, before you go ahead and write the editors to have us fired for being a couple of self-absorbed assholes, take a second to envision Iron Man or any other egotistic superhero for that matter, without that “just barely over-the-top” bit of self confidence.

It’s not quite the same, is it? Superheroes need to be leaders and have that little bit extra that makes them super, and that doesn’t only pertain to superhuman abilities. We (well, Maie) is taking that one step further in saying that if people really perceived that type of confidence as something that they could take away from the character and make a part of themselves, it can serve to be incredibly motivational. In thinking not only “confidence”, but just beyond that, one removes the mental shackles that limit just how much a person believes they can do. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will go on to achieve Tony Stark levels of success, but they’ll definitely achieve more than just something average. So as we near the end of Heroes Week here at Twinfinite, we’ d like for you to look at your own favorite, somewhat self-absorbed hero (if you have one), and channel some of that attitude, because god knows he or she’s definitely got enough to spare.



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