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The 5 Best Moments From EVO 2013


The 5 Best Moments From EVO 2013


I’ve been looking around the interwebs recently with all of the post-Evo highlights and I’ve been pretty disappointed by the lack of Divekick in any of these posts. Some sites wrapped up the finals while others went a little more in-depth. Regardless of the coverage, EVO 2013 was a resounding success.

While I would have loved to see some of Super Street Fighter 4 on Saturday, instead of marathoning through it all on Friday, Skullgirls, Divekick, and King of Fighters XIII quenched my thirst amazingly. Another year in and another fantastic showing from the fighting game community. Sorry to all the MK, Smash and Injustice bouts I might have passed over. Each contest had somebody do something amazing, these are the ones I particularly enjoyed the most.

Divekick: Fraud Alert

Divekick hosted a pair the best matches in the entire tournament. The biggest one however came from left field. Adelheid Stark is the girl looking fabulous on the left of your screen. When I talked to Adam Heart, he explained that she was someone interesting to look out for, and I didn’t expect anything close to what I saw. Her performance simply as a human being is amazing. If you watch, she is actually playing the game cross handed like her favorite character S-Kill. So with that alone, we see something unique about her outside of her interesting choice in wardrobe.

What happened at EVO was where she shined. Divekick‘s simple 1 hit kill system means that a perfect always happens. So to humiliate a person, you have to go above and beyond by achieving perfect for an entire set of 5 rounds. In a game like this, dominance of that sort is pretty hard to do (especially on a stage like this). This is why the game calls it a Fraud. It is as if you aren’t actually playing against a real opponent. In the tournaments that Iron Galaxy has put on, Frauds get you a physical brand on your hand to showcase your failures to everyone. If you’ll see in the video above, Adelheid has one on each hand. She got that when she was booted out of Winner’s bracket with two consecutive Frauds. To accomplish something like that was shocking.

So down into lowly losers bracket she went where in the very next match she picks up yet another Fraud and somehow manages to compose herself to irk out a victory. This is all the build up that is going on before we get to the video above. What occurs here is the best Divekick match I saw all weekend by far (though the Dive vs Kick Grand Finals were nothing to sneeze at). To have a player keep their composure on that stage is really impressive especially when you have been physically marked with failure three times. Adelheid brushed off what could have been an embarrassing situation and played an amazing mirror match against Sirtoons.

SSF4AE2012: So That’s How It Is

This isn’t the most exciting match of Super Street Fighter 4 played at EVO, and I doubt you may rank it in the top 10. Don’t worry though, we’ll be getting to the high velocity matches below. This is memorable because it is the most emotionally charged set of the weekend. To give you some background, Infiltration and Laugh are friends. Like, good friends. Like, such good friends that when commentator Seth Killian was working through the potential matchups 3 or 4 fights before this had been decided, he called out how awkward this was going to be.

Lo and behold, he was right.

This was a hard match to watch, but it was even harder to see how it ended. This was the final match of Friday night and it was to see who would be playing Sunday in Top 8. The pressure was at a fever pitch and when all was said and done, there was no hug and no handshake. Laugh turned his back on Infiltration in front of thousands.

This match was the very definition of what EVO builds itself up as. A lot is on the line and this was a really hard thing to end the first night on.

KoFXIII: What A Way To End

King of Fighters Top 8 this year was particularly crazy. The returning champion MAD KOF was knocked out of winners by Hee San Woo and then out of the tournament by Reynald leading up to this epic final. To see Reynald go down 2 games early and almost get eliminated in the first set, to resetting the brackets and dominating Hee San Woo on the biggest stage is an amazing come from behind story.

I don’t know what woke Reynald up, but what a show.

UMvC3: Justin Wong Gets Revenge

Last year, Justin Wong and Chris G met in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 8 and Chris G came out the victor. That was a year ago and Chris G has been on a terror with his play. So when Top 8 finally wound up with this match, all bets were on Chris G to pull off another victory. It certainly looked like it too as he was off to a strong start.

Chris G was playing a step above everyone else at EVO, and all that momentum finally caught up to him.

Justin Wong went on a streak that led him from one game out of the tournament to knocking out his nemesis Chris G, knocking out fan favorite Angelic and resetting Grand Finals and getting very close to winning it all. Justin’s momentum all started in this match and its easily the one to watch from EVO 2013.

SSF4AE2012: Hakan?

What the hell is Hakan doing in Top 8? I don’t know, but PR Balrog and Infiltration put on the craziest match I’ve ever seen on the biggest stage in the show. This, ladies and gentlemen, was your match of the show.

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