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Gamestop ‘Sold Out’ of PS4 Preorders


Gamestop ‘Sold Out’ of PS4 Preorders

gamestop ps4

Hoping to get your day one PS4 at Gamestop? Unless you already placed a preorder, you may be out of luck. The PS4 is now listed as ‘Out of Stock’ online and is no longer up for preorder in GameStop stores. A statement to GameInformer from GameStop cites high demand for the system as the reason store reservations are being shut down.

The hype for Sony’s new console has been pretty fervent so far. Amazon launch day preorders sold out mere days after Sony’s E3 conference. Preorders are still open for Standard and Launch Bundles of the PS4 up on Amazon, so if you still want to get in to the preorder crowd there’s still time left.

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