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FEZ II Cancelled


FEZ II Cancelled


I don’t know much about Phil Fish. I’ve never played the first FEZ and I don’t really keep up with the developer and though I’ve heard enough from others about his infamy, I have no opinions on the man other than I should really play FEZ one of these days.

That being said, it seems that the recently announced FEZ II has been cancelled.

I’m not one to comment on industry squabbles and even less likely to keep up with them; but for the sake of details I went and Googled the ordeal and it seems that it is a result of Mr. Fish getting into a verbal dispute with one of GameTrailers’ podcast hosts on Invisible Walls. I don’t know what exactly was said but Mr. Fish took to his now locked twitter account to defend against Invisible Walls’ Marcus Beer. I don’t know what exactly was said between the two nor do I particularly care. The big takeaway from this whole thing is that this dispute may or may not have been the reason for FEZ II‘s cancellation.

So…Is this a good time for me to play FEZ?

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