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Drakengard 3 Gets Gameplay Trailer


Drakengard 3 Gets Gameplay Trailer

I’ve never played an entry into the Drakengard series, but I did play its spin-off, Nier.

The severely underrated title was one of the most ambitious games I’ve played last generation in terms of narrative. Its off brand humor, daring to cover some surprising issues, and gorgeous, gorgeous, music won my heart immediately. Unfortunately, the game had some lackluster controls which many found unappealing.

Still, the team behind Nier is back with an entry into the main Drag-On Dragoon (as it is known in Japan) series with Drakengard 3. Following Zero, the promiscuous protagonist and her male apostles/partners as she goes off on what I assume will be a similarly melancholic fantasy adventure, the game finally released a gameplay trailer.

My reaction? I dig it a lot. If they can capture the same sort of atmosphere as Nier than hopefully this won’t be as overlooked a gem as its predecessor.

More info on Drakengard 3 over at Siliconera.

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