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Bit.Trip Runner 2 Gets Cult Favorites Crossover


Bit.Trip Runner 2 Gets Cult Favorites Crossover



The Bit.Trip series has always been a cornerstone of the rhythm-based, multi-genre god-tier of gaming and with Gaijin’s latest game Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, we’re going to see a lot more of Commander Video and… Razputin?

Gaijin Games recently announced a slew of indie favorite protagonists getting their second run at fan-ism with downloadable content coming to Steam this Thursday and consoles on an unannounced date, with Raz from Psychonauts, Quote from Cave Story, Dr. Fetus from Super Meat Boy, and Josef from Machinarium. Others are still to be announced and haven’t been put in their respective spotlight just yet, though we will discover the new cameos soon. This is good news, people! Continued support for an excellent albeit non triple-A title gives hope that this isn’t the last we’ll see of the Bit.Trip series however long that may take.

With all of this exciting news, who would you like to personally see included in the Runner 2 DLC? I’m personally rooting for Super Meat Boy. This just screams for him and his incredible reflexes, but with Dr. Fetus in the picture, that hope is slowly diminishing.

He knows what I'm talking about.

He knows what I’m talking about.

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